Skype Lite

Almost the newest version. Google services are removed. Text messages work, attachments uploading do not work, calls do not work. Authorization works, even webview (with normal version did not), but after you entered you login and password , wait about 1 minutes (the app will hang) and restart it. It can close itself during first chats downloading, just re-open the app.

2Gis version 4.1 mod - in my opinion, the best Russian nagivation program, version from 2019, newer version hang during startup (at least 4.4+, i do not know about 4.2x-4.3x). Everything works at first view. Old version of TruePhone for managing virtual android's phonebook, as whatsapp can't add people to contacts but itself, you need to do it via this program. Newest whatsapp. Calls do not work, but texts and voice messages work. Voice messages can damage your voice a little due to lags, low quality sound. You can add contacts manually via TruePhone. OfficeSuite mod as an alternative to Microsoft Office to edit documents. Sometimes file selection window is buggy. Kate Extra (mod of Kate Mobile without Google Services and with additional functionality). It is for Russian social network VK (vk dot com). Works everything, even videos (their direct links to mp4 open in Microsoft Edge). Audios online work too 😊 This app in my main app on my Android devices after YouTube Vanced. aliexpress - everything works, including authorization, captcha , tracking and so on